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Family friendly art nouveau gem in Bergün - a great journey through time at a modest price.

Located in the pristine landscape of the Albula valley, today this former wellness hotel is a unique combination of hotel and apartments. In 2002 its guests bought it as a public limited company, and it has since been renovated step by step. Under new management since 2009 with Maya Schlup and Christof Steiner. Spacious architecture, very family friendly. Creative restaurant "La Peida" (Romansh for "The Muse"). Impressive art nouveau building dating from 1906. Breathtaking ballroom, well-preserved lounges and an original canteen kitchen from yesteryear for team events and banquets with a difference. This unique hotel won an award for its unusual collection of art nouveau lighting fixtures. Careful renovations and the preservation of details have maintained the authentic, historic charm.

Geschichte Kurhaus Bergün

History since 1906

Construction of a new Kurhaus in Bergün began shortly after the opening of the Albula railway line in 1903. The hotel, designed by Zurich architect Jost-Franz Huwyler-Boller (1874–1930), opened in 1906 with many modern conveniences and notable Art-Nouveau interiors. Early advertisements held out the prospect of central heating, electric lights, elevator, bathrooms, large dining room, several large terraces facing south, elegant vestibule, ladies’ salon, spacious restaurants, bar, billiard, reading and writing rooms and a darkroom. The hoped-for success did not materialize, even after a winter season was added in 1911. A fire in 1949 and a lack of funds for renovations in the years after that, when it was a family hostel, meant its continued decline. In 2002, long-term regular guests set up Kurhaus Bergün Inc., which acquired the building and its surroundings. Since then the building has been carefully modernized and restored in several stages in line with established principles for the preservation of historic buildings. The wealth of original Art-Nouveau furnishings preserved in their historic condition, particularly in the interiors on the main floor, is unique in Switzerland. The architectural highlight of the entire hotel is the spacious 1906 ballroom. With the pale but resplendent blue of its rose heaven, original windows and wall coverings and historic ceiling and wall chandeliers, it is one of the most valuable intact rooms of the Art-Nouveau period. The most recent preservation efforts were fittingly recognized in 2007, when Icomos gave the Kurhaus a special award “for preserving a valuable Art-Nouveau interior”, and in 2012, when the hotel was named Historic Hotel of the Year. The Kurhaus Bergün has been a member of Swiss Historic Hotels since 2010. (RF)

Maya & Christof Steiner
  • Host
  • Maya & Christof Steiner
  • Hotel type
  • Mountain, family, vacation condominiums, banquets, seminars, culture, weddings/birthdays
  • Hotel facilities
  • 62 rooms, vacation condominiums, free WLAN, restaurant, bar, banquets, large library, seminar rooms, lookout tower
  • Hotel classification
  • ICOMOS-certified
  • Historic hotel of the year 2012
    Special price furniture 2007
  • Price range
  • < CHF 100 / < EUR 96
  • Open
  • May to October December to April
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