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Since 1900 | 7270 Davos Platz (GR)

Berghotel Schatzalp

Schatzalp - enchanted holiday on the Magic Mountain
The Schatzalp was built in 1900 in art nouveau style as a luxury sanatorium, and was the setting for Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain.
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The Schatzalp was built in 1900 in art nouveau style as a luxury sanatorium, and was the setting for Thomas Mann's novel The Magic Mountain.

It was later converted into a hotel, but the soul of the building - its architecture - remains unchanged. The hotel lies on a glorious, sunny and carfree mountain terrace 300 metres above Davos, with breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, and is surrounded by a delightful botanic garden - the Alpinum Schatzalp - with 3,000 species of alpine plants. This exceptional setting makes for a uniquely restful and relaxing holiday and, thanks to the hotel's own private funicular, the "Magic Mountain" is just a four-minute ride up from the resort.


In the mountains

Hotel classification

3 Stars

Opening Hours

Summer: June to OctoberWinter: December to April


Banquets/Weddings, Seminar/business, Active/sport, Icomos Award


In 1900, at Willem Jan Holsboer's initiative, the Schatz­alp sanatorium was built on a high plateau above Davos to provide rest cures for tuberculosis patients. Built by Zurich architects Pfleghardt and Häfeli, the building served as a sanatorium for almost fifty years. At the time, it was thought that a sunny location and good alpine air and cleanliness were the keys to curing tuberculosis.
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The building thus faced south, and all of the rooms on that side had large, sunny balconies for the patients. A high degree of sanitary comfort - the hotel had its own water supply - ensured the necessary hygiene. Floor heating, an elevator and a flat roof from which the melt water was drained into the building were a few of the newest technologies in what was at the time a luxury sanatorium. It was one of the first reinforced concrete structures in Switzerland. Architecturally, the building stands at the crossroads between Historicism and Modernism. The complex, with projecting sections in the middle and on the sides, shows the use of form and function. With their designs for the façade and the interior rooms, the architects tried to integrate the building into its surroundings by using regional motifs. The sun porches show patterns of the 'Swiss style', while the façades are covered with sgraffiti and colors associated with the Engadine. In almost willful contrast, there are Art Nouveau decorative elements throughout the house. At the end of the 1940s, when the first effective drugs against the tuberculosis bacteria came on the market, the sanatoriums for patients with pulmonary disease became superfluous. The sanatorium on Schatzalp was turned into a hotel in 1954. Large parts of the historic building were left untouched. Many historic rooms and bathrooms and the original elevator are still preserved today. The Schatzalp Hotel has been a member of Swiss Historic Hotels since 2007. In 2008, it was named Historic Hotel of the Year by Icomos.


Historic hotel of the year 2008
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