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Since 1905 | 6696 Fusio (TI)

Villa Pineta

"Close to life, far from routine"
When you arrive at Fusio, you really have experienced what it’s like to travel! To say that you get there quickly would be a lie! But once you’ve put your things down, once you’re comfortable, you think about the magnificent and contrasting landscapes you’ve just crossed. You listen to the silence too.
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When you arrive at Fusio, you really have experienced what it’s like to travel! To say that you get there quickly would be a lie! But once you’ve put your things down, once you’re comfortable, you think about the magnificent and contrasting landscapes you’ve just crossed. You listen to the silence too.

In the same spirit, we want to offer guests a “journey through time”, a place of retreat and renewal, a place where culture in all its different expressions can be experienced, but also a unique starting point for sporting activities such as hiking, biking, climbing, bathing in the rivers or cultural visits. Villa Pineta should become the meeting point of all these different ways of intensely experiencing nature, beauty and their benefits. Because there are as many ways to enjoy nature as there are guests interested in secret and exceptional places!


In the mountains

Opening Hours

May – October


Active/sport, Park/garden, Family/child friendly, Art & culture


My love for hotels goes back to my youth, but the coincidences of life have been as numerous as my desires: intense piano playing, organic winemaker, organizer of classical music festivals and today happy hotelier of an "Art Nouveau" villa at the "end of the world" in Fusio!
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Villa Pineta yesterday: Before becoming a simple mountain hotel in the 1960s, Villa Pineta was first a summer residence. Built by the syndic of Locarno, Mr Giovanni Pedrazzini, in 1908, it is a unique testimony in the Val Lavizzara of a house built in the “Swiss chalet” style which was very much in vogue at the time.
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Its owner at the time deliberately chose a hill – opposite the village – as the location for his residence. This judicious choice gives a unique character to the building, allows a different and magnificent view of the valley and the village, as well as a discreet perspective on Mario Botta’s church in Mogno. All this makes the villa very special! The generous surrounding park – well planted with trees, hence the name “Pineta” (‘pine forest’ in Italian) – adds an exclusive touch.

This particular site, with such a different house, was then used for almost 30 years as a sanatorium and then allowed the Guglielmoni family, who became the owners in the 1960s, to distinguish themselves somewhat from the other guesthouses and hotels then present in the valley. Their account seems to attest to a “golden age” which, however, went into inexorable decline, due to the new leisure habits and aspirations of the guests, but also to a lack of investment and updating of the building. This “jewel” has thus become, over time, a decayed object whose past beauty and attractiveness could still be perceived here and there.

Villa Pineta today: In May 2020, we decided to buy Villa Pineta, its small outbuilding, its park and its woods with our own funds, in order to start a work of revaluation of the site, of the building – and indirectly – of the Val Lavizzara area, so deeply beautiful and singular.

After a detailed study of the building, we came to the following conclusion, together with the architects Brugger and Bernardini: the unfortunate superimpositions of style must be removed or reduced, the original volumes must be returned to as far as possible and a contemporary language must be used in a discreet way. All this in order to bring back to life the original forms and spaces of this wonderful Villa and to offer the guests a ‘travel through time’, close to life and far from routine.

Rooms & Gastronomy

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Our 9 rooms - all different - illustrate different aspects of Villa Pineta's history. Sometimes the guest is taken back to the 30's, sometimes to the 60's, then his gaze is attracted by a contemporary light fixture or an Art Nouveau fresco, but always it is meant to be a journey through time! Thanks to the furnishings that have deliberately marked the eras and life of this unique building, the villa radiates with tranquility, beauty and authenticity.
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In the kitchens of this world are often prepared seafood from distant lands, rare and unknown meats, exotic vegetables and fruits. Out of a desire to travel? Because in the cities you can hardly see the sky? We don't have this problem in Fusio! The products are regional, the producers numerous and talented. Nature offers so much variety that our cuisine is local but never limited, seasonal but never repetitive and of course "organic"!


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The Maggia and Lavizzara valleys offer many hiking opportunities, including the famous Via Alta Maggia, cycling tours, refreshing swimming opportunities along the Maggia, climbing at the Sambuco dam and cultural visits (Botta church in Mogno or international sculpture school in Peccia).

Contact & Arrival


Villa Pineta
Via Schiadüü 1, 6696 Fusio (TI)

+41 91 755 17 55


Fusio (1300 m.a.s.l.) is located about 45 km and 55 minutes from Locarno at the end of the picturesque Val Lavizzara. From Cevio continue to Bignasco and then straight on to Val Lavizzara (direction Mogno). From here there are still 17 km to go. The road follows the course of the 'Maggia', passing small charming hamlets. After Prato Sornico (last gas station), Peccia (International Sculpture School) is the last village before the climb with its 13 spectacular hairpin bends. Once in Mogno (church by Mario Botta), it's another 3 km to Fusio. At the entrance to the village, just before the bridge, turn right towards the road and after 10 meters turn right again at 180 degrees, going uphill. A narrow road will lead you to Villa Pineta on the hill.

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